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infrared thermometer

Product introduction:

The infrared thermometer we produced is specially for measuring body temperature, it can measure human ear and forehead temperature, it suitable for medical unit and home use.




1)  This machine has two functions, it can measure both ear and forehead temperature.

2)   1 second measure the temperature, easily and fast.

3)  Sensor measurement technology, high precision.

4)  Automatically power-off, if left idle for 60 seconds.

5)  One-key measurement, easy to use.

6)  Alarm for fever, better to know your body situation.

7)  Stores 12 sets recent measurement data, easy for your data contrast.

8)  Safety by infrared measuring, avoid the damage of the measuring by traditional mercury thermometer





Product Categories

Internal power supply equipment BF type application part



Range Indicator

43.0℃ Show Hi 


< 35.0℃ and  >42.0℃ : ±0.3℃

35.0℃~ 42.0℃ : ±0.2℃

Measuring position

Ear / forehead auto-sensing

The ambient temperature exceeds

≥40.0℃:show  Hi

< 10.0℃:show  Lo

Buzzer frequency

About  4Khz

Automatic shut-down

60 seconds after no operation

Low Voltage Tips


Memory function

Save last measured 12 memories (without memory Lo / Hi)

Operating Voltage

DC 2.4~3.3V

Working current

Standby:< 2uA,Power:


2×1.5V  AAA

Tri-color backlit

≤37.5℃ Green

37.6℃~38.0℃ Yellow

≥38.1℃ Red

Normal operating conditions

Ambient temperature:10℃~40℃

Relative humidity:≤85%

Atmospheric pressure:70kPa~106kPa