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fat burn massager PR-757

 fat burn massager PR-757



The slimming belt is a new product, using the latest technology to provide you with an effective elliptical swinging massage.


The massage belt is designed according to human engineering, to make sure that the greatest degree of comfort.


With the speed and intensity of regulation of automatic and manual massage modes.


Integration of a variety of massage speed and intensity of a rhythmic massage programs.


The sleek remote control to change a simple and convenient operation.


1.Slimming Cellulite, clear the body meridians

2. Promote blood circulation, increase skin beauty

3.Regulate metabolism, balance of yin and yang

4.Eliminate back pain, relieve fatigue

5.Massage therapy, treatment of chronic diseases

6.Treatment of neurasthenia, relieve stress

7.Reduced fat body sculpting, to eliminate excess body fat

8.restore muscle tone and flexibility







 Electric fat burning Slimming massage belt


Portable health rejection of fat can easily massage

various parts of the body,

stretch their legs muscles, relieve fatigue. Whether

in the office or at home, can be used anywhere.


Improve blood circulation, promote metabolism;

relieve fatigue, eliminate pain.